African Projects



Neshe HEPP - Ethiopia

Neshe HEPP - Ethiopia

Feasibility study of a 100-MW high-head peaking plant in the Blue Nile basin in Ethiopia.










African People

Finchaa-Amerti-Neshe Multipurpose study - Ethiopia

Pre-feasibility study of a multi-purpose (power generation and irrigation) project adjacent to the existing Finchaa-Amerti reservoirs in Ethiopia.











Mobayi HEPP - Zaire

Design coordination during construction of a 10.5 MW low-head hydropower project located on the Oubangi River in Zaire.















Kenya Tea Hydropower study

Kenya Tea Hydropower study - Kenya

Definitional Mission for development of a small hydropower program for the Kenya Tea Association, which represents a cooperative of 56 tea factories across Kenya.













National Low Cost Rural Electrification Plan

National Low Cost Rural Electrification Plan –Mozambique

Assessment of the project eligibility for carbon credits and practicalities of applying to one of the carbon funds administered by the World Bank.








Finchaa–Amerti-Neshe multipurpose project

Finchaa–Amerti-Neshe Multipurpose Project - Ethiopia

ESIA scoping study performed in line with the World Bank operational procedures.





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