Technical Capabilities

Design of hydro-electric projects combines sciences of hydrology, sedimentation, geology and the environment with geotechnical, civil, structural, hydraulics, mechanical and electrical engineering disciplines.

We base our planning and preliminary designs on a strong data collection program. Solid data allows key issues to be identified early in the planning stage.

We possess decades of experience in establishing successful hydrometric stations, performing comprehensive geologic and geotechnical investigation programs, sediment collection programs and material testing. We analyze the collected data utilizing a combination of in-house software, latest commercial software, and a depth of real project experience that few firms can match.

AquaE possess a complete technical expertise for planning and design of green-field hydroelectric projects as well as improvement and troubleshooting of existing hydropower facilities. Our technical expertise covers all disciplines required for optimum multipurpose allocation of water resources and hydropower “water-to-wire” design, including:

  • River basin planning and water resources optimizations;

  • Hydrological studies;

  • Generation planning and energy generation studies;

  • Project layouts and civil design;

  • Geological assessment and site investigation planning;

  • Geotechnical engineering;

  • Hydraulic design;

  • Hydrodynamic numerical modelling;

  • Hydraulic transient studies;

  • Sediment management and reservoir sedimentation analyses;

  • Mechanical engineering;

  • Electrical engineering;

  • Factory inspections;

  • Independent Engineer Services and Peer Reviews.