Project Development Capabilities

A successful project requires more than sound engineering. It requires knowledge and experience of the processes and risks throughout the entire development cycle. We offer a full suite of development services including bid document preparation, bid process management and bid evaluation, contracting, lender interface, financing and permitting support and Owner’s Engineer Services throughout construction.

Whether managing or negotiating the fine print of a Power Purchase Agreement or technical/legal intricacies of bid documents and EPC contracts, our staff provides a complete coordinated approach to a successful project.

Our suite of hydropower development services includes:

  • Risk Analysis;

  • Constructability;

  • Cost Estimates;

  • Construction Scheduling;

  • Technical Specifications, Owners Requirements and Design Criteria;

  • Tender Documents;

  • Tender Evaluations;

  • Project Management Plans;

  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPA);

  • Engineer Procure Construct (EPC) Contracts;

  • EPC Negotiation support;

  • Financing support;

  • Risk Management Plans; and

  • Document Control Systems.